Plymouth Rocks

These Rocks are hardy, handling the 110 degree weather and drought conditions here in Texas
My Plymouth Rocks come from several of the best lines available. My Barred Rocks are from "Good shepherd" bloodlines and my Partridge Rocks are from the "Horstman" bloodlines.
This picture is from a free book I found on google books

They also are classified as a heritage breed. The American Livestock Breed Conservancy's definition of a heritage chicken is below.

Heritage Chicken must adhere to all the following:
1. APA Standard Breed: Heritage Chicken must be from parent and grandparent stock of breeds recognized by the American Poultry Association (APA) prior to the mid-20th century; whose genetic line can be traced back multiple generations; and with traits that meet the APA Standard of Perfection guidelines for the breed. Heritage Chicken must be produced and sired by an APA Standard breed. Heritage eggs must be laid by an APA Standard breed.
2. Naturally mating: Heritage Chicken must be reproduced and genetically maintained through natural mating.  Chickens marketed as Heritage must be the result of naturally mating pairs of both grandparent and parent stock.
3. Long, productive outdoor lifespan: Heritage Chicken must have the genetic ability to live a long, vigorous life and thrive in the rigors of pasture-based, outdoor production systems. Breeding hens should be productive for 5-7 years and roosters for 3-5 years.
4. Slow growth rate: Heritage Chicken must have a moderate to slow rate of growth, reaching appropriate market weight for the breed in no less than 16 weeks. This gives the chicken time to develop strong skeletal structure and healthy organs prior to building muscle mass.

Chickens marketed as Heritage must include the variety and breed name on the label. Terms like “heirloom,” “antique,” “old-fashioned,” and “old timey” imply Heritage and are understood to be synonymous with the definition provided here.

Titan at 5 months old Cockeral weighs in at 10 pounds and 4 ounces
wow time for a hoedown

 Young Barred Rocks
WOW its hot !!

Maybeline - 6 month old Barred Rock pullet
Another pullet catching the breeze

Partridge Plymouth Rocks
My Partridge Rock roo named Romney


Silver Penciled Rocks

4 mos old cockeral
4 mos old pullet
another pullet